Heather Blue Vegan Moleskine Cahier Notebook Cover w/ Pen Holder - Fits 3.5 x 5.5 inch Moleskine Cahiers and Field Notes Memobooks

$ 30.00

With room for 2 cahiers plus loose notes, this rugged Moleskine cahier notebook cover is handmade from Kraft-tex, an earth-friendly hybrid of plant fibers and rubber that is light in weight, but exceptionally tough.

Cover features:

  • Made from all Non-Animal materials, with Kraft-tex exterior and pockets
  • Fits 3.5 x 5.5 inch (9 x 14 cm) Cahier Notebooks, including Moleskine and Field Notes
  • Co-Pocket System can hold a 2nd notebook plus loose notes
  • Built-In Pen Holder holds 2+ pens
  • Hand Dyed and Hand Stitched
  • Infinitely Refillable
  • Removable elastic closure
  • Measures 3-7/8 x 6 inches closed
  • Approximately 3/8 inch thick when holding one notebook
The cover's kraft-tex exterior has been hand dyed a cobalt blue using a technique that gives it the look of heathered felt. The blue exterior is complimented by black kraft-tex pockets, a black pen holder, black vegan felt lining, and blue hand stitching throughout.

Inside, one pocket holds a Moleskine cahier notebook. A second pocket, our versatile Co-Pocket, can be used to hold loose notes, a 2nd notebook, or both. A built-in pen holder on the cover's back side expands to hold 2 or more pens and lays flat when empty.

Cover can be ordered with either one or two notebooks included.

To see BioLogues covers in different colors and sizes or to find covers outfitted with Field Notes Memobooks, please visit our All Notebook Covers page.

Price includes 1 cover plus selected options.

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