About Us

BioLogues is a small company nestled in the foothills of Pocatello, Idaho. It started life in 2010 as a shop on Etsy and has now expanded to include this site, BioLogues.com.

BioLogues is home to an innovative line of notebook covers -- the MemoLogue, JournaLogue*, and StenoLogue*. With features that include built-in pen holders and room for multiple notebooks plus loose notes, each cover is designed to be the perfect instrument for self-expression on the go.

All items at BioLogues.com are designed, prototyped, and made in house. Each notebook cover component is either hand or laser cut, and then finished and stitched by hand. Our original designs reflect our diverse interests outside of the studio, from birds and nature to writing, art, and travel. It is our everyday experiences in these and other pursuits that inspire us to take note and to compose our life stories. This in turn has inspired our motto here at BioLogues.com: Tell Your Life Story -- Start a BioLogue Today.

*Coming soon